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  • Thank you 💙

  • I laughed Paul when ya said…back to 'normal' in August!!!! 😂🤣😆love to all the loveworkers here 💚🌍💚it's a new dawn, a new day, a new cellular way! 💜🎶🌸💜🎵

  • Back to the future the 5th age the golden age just keep being that rainbow bridge love you

  • Can some one please be a team player and put the time stamp In the comments of when each message actually commence! YouTube really got us good by attacking Higher Self Channel @getbuzy1 we miss you #Getbuzy1

  • My galactic signature is White Magnetic Wizard.

  • Thank you Paul you give us courage ,hope ,and strength to catty on our work! Love

  • Its gonna get weird before it becomes ordinary.

  • Happy Galactic New Year!
    My birthday is the 8:8. I had a conscious awakening in 1987 on my birthday seeing 11:11.
    Every year, going through the Lion's Gate has been a huge time of clearing and releasing for me, often feeling like l am flying through a meteorite shower, get pulverised as l go!
    In 2004 l went to the Great Pyramid with friends to meditate in the King's Chamber, and we felt the light of Sirius enter, and 'saw' the capstones of the pyramid "shatter' as the energy entered and activated the pyramid.
    In the last couple of years, the Lion's Gate energy has accelerated, along with the clearings, taking me twice to the brink of death of the physical body.
    But this year, the enormous clearings have taken place prior to the Lion's Gate.
    I became very ill, with multiple serious conditions, including a diagnosis of a malignant tumour.
    I knew it would not be cancer. I knew it was part of deep releasing and healing of all old energies my body has accumulated in 3d.
    I was put in for urgent surgery, as symptoms were severe.
    I'm in recovery now.
    The test results showed that it had not yet turned cancerous.
    My life in 3d ended, as l had to immediately leave my job, people, no income.
    I was asked to surrender and trust.
    My galactic feline star Family came in closely to guide and support me.
    I've had beautiful love and support from many unexpected sources.
    This year, as the Lion's Gate portal opens, l no longer feel l am traveling through it.
    For the first time, l feel l am embodying it.
    Thankyou so much for all you do Paul.
    You and everyone here, are soul family together.
    Your postings have meant a great deal to me over the past few months.
    I followed the rainbow energy bridge when all this has happened to me in the past few months, knowing l would l would come out the other side.
    I have. Rebirthing myself and the Goddess energy in the process.
    An amazing time to have chosen to come here to earth.
    Much love to all.
    Happy Lion's Gate 8:8!!
    Namaste 💥💫💞

  • Hello Everyone 😁 Did Anyone Experience a Laughing fit on July 26th? The first day of the Year Of the White Magnetic Wizard? I had a laughing fit for most of the morning! It was Wonderful!! Getting the Number 818 a lot not sure if that’s in reference to the date 8/18 coming up. Sending Everyone Happiness and True Tru Love 🧡 Fay 🍀🧚🏻‍♀️🌈

  • 😊 ThanQ Paul! Happy New Year to you as well!

  • We are in the last days this witchcraft/ demonic. Can’t you see this. Get out of this channel and wake up. I’m here for anyone needs help getting out. Aliens are in disguise as reptilians/ fallen angles. They want your soul. That’s how they survive. The great deception is here. Ancient history shows this time after time of warning us of this. Bible meaning. . BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH.

  • Happy new year!! Thank you. Lovely and very informative . You pronounced the words perfectly. Bless blessed blessings ❤🌸

  • Happy New Year Paul. Thanks again for the great transmission. Almost unbelievable…wow…emotional day for me and anticipating.. namaste☆♡♡☆

  • Major collective purging for me, crazy! Sooo exciting 😊 INTENSE.

  • Phew! Amazing 🙂

  • Happy New Year! Something uplifting so much and your video popped up in my YouTube feed. I am so grateful!

  • Oh sweetheart, I don't have to imagine it… I lived through it and so did my daughter. It's mindblowing to happen. You go into withdrawal during the process and just get almost sick with disgust and … don't really have a word for the feeling. Betrayal? But most will come through and become other light workers and the change will indeed happen. It's glorious to see. I'm an old lady and am so honored to be here to see it. Thank you councils of beings that are helping us. Thank you sincerely.

  • You can run but you can no longer hide!

  • Greatest time to be alive in human history!

  • I always long for your updates

  • Unified Positive, WooHoo!

  • Not today…

    If the truth has now been told
    And what is new has become old
    Buried deep within the past
    Secrets have emerged at last

    Then why has the light not revealed
    The messages darkness concealed
    To use the knowledge found within
    In reckoning mankind's first sin

    Having been denied by time
    A life that could have been sublime
    Our future locked so long away
    Should it not be lived today?

    VCH6464 07/27/2019

  • Kin 239 Blue overtone storm 💙✨

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